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saricanta means me flexibility and passion to travel

saricanta is a yellowbackpack or yellowbag in Turkish language dictionary, but saricanta means me flexibility and passion to travel. Just pick up your backpack and Travel with the less to gain more on the roads.

No one lives within the good moments routine, be sure if you live within a good harmony in your whole life, this would be sad for you. I hated to live in daily routines.

Tried to plan to see new places with friends around me but I could not start it with them, because of the lots of things due to their own life. I had believed to travel with them, but then I recognized this would not be happening like I expected. This is a good awakening to start my travel, or journeys or discovery in rest of my life.

The day I started to travel, I woke up but I was not sure about travelling, then I decided to sleep. I had a nightmare about waking up a few hours later, I was so sad about not to travel. I woke immediately, it was late than I had planned the night before. Time was not so important for me, so I picked up my saricanta so quickly and started to hitchhike. I met lots of good people on the road, I tasted good local tastes, I saw lots of places and I am shocked about what I did.

I back to home after my first travel with my saricanta – my best travel friend.  I was so happy about my travel, but I did not want to tell anyone about my new friends, memories, the places where I went. Probably, this is another turning point in my life.


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