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saricanta is a travel blog. It started its digital life on May, 2018. Since then, Saricanta aims to reach each people want to get information before planning their travels. Saricanta will be one of the famous traveller guide on the web. Saricanta's travel posts are well-detailed format. Saricanta is innovative travel website . Be Ready to see the brand "". is created in a cheerful mood to travel.

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  1. 30/09/2018

    […] saricanta […]

  2. 06/10/2018

    […] Tepe’yi konuşalım, düşünelim, yarına taşıyalım…   Çiğdem Köksal-Schmidt saricanta 37.150447 38.788252 Camikebir Mahallesi, Nabi Sk. No:13, 63210 Şanlıurfa Merkez/Şanlıurfa, […]

  3. 30/10/2018

    […] saricanta […]

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