saricanta in Cappadocia

The land of beautiful horses - Cappadocia Where did saricanta stay ? Avanos. I chose to silence for Cappdocia, I stayed in Avanos. I stayed in Kirkit Voyage. And, I am very satisfied iwth the hotel. I liked the warm environment in there. It is very advisable otel . Where did SARICANTA go in CAPPADOCIA [...]

The story of Saricanta |En

saricanta means me flexibility and passion to travel

The First Day in Mardin |En

I saw I had thought very wrong about Mardin. I met Mardin the wonderland city. Here there is Day 1 in Mardin


This time I changed my motto as ‘Being early on the way is good’ ,and I started to walk around among the Midyat streets.

Endangered ancient city – Hasankeyf |En

To see the awesome endangered ancient city hosted Christians and Muslim made me very upset. A dam would sink the mysterious city. None still knows when was built and who did the ancient city.