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The important transit on the histroical Silk Road, and the most mysterious discovery of last century, with the ‘T’ shaped huge stones and the zero point of the history, the oldest temple on Earth, Göbeklitepe, Şanlıurfa, Turkey.

The Pool of Abraham, is believed Abraham was thrown into the fire by Nimrod and the flame turned to water and burning logs into fish. Nevali Çori (under the water after the Ataturk Dam in 2002) is known as the valley of the plague, and the most mysterious discovery of last century, with the ‘T’ shaped huge stones and the zero point of the history, the oldest temple on Earth, Göbeklitepe.




It locates on the Silk Road route and also in Mesopotamia. There is also a boat tour to Rumkale in Halfeti even the Gaziantep side of the Euphrates River. Hallfeti is also known as the cittaslow in here. It locates in the west and 122 kms far away from the city centre.



In my opinion Halfeti disctict is a break point for me to cool. Be sure a boat tour on the Euphrates Rivar would be good for you. You can also drink a glass of tea in the only cafee in the sank city near the famous mosque in there. After rambling among Halfeti, to have your meal in Birecik would be so good choose for you.

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halfetide günbatımı
sundown in Halfeti

I give you quickly some short information about the city is the weather in Urfa is still so hot even in September. I can’t bear 37’C in here. In against of the hot weather, i suggest you to wear pants while walking among in the borders of Urfa. You would remember my suggestion in your visit.


In the city centre, The Pool of Abraham, Ayn Zeliha Lake, Urfa Castle and some caves while walking up to look Urfa city at the hill. You should visit Şanlıurfa Archaeology Museum and Haleplibahce Mosaic Museums. Both of them are so close to Pool of Abraham (Balıklıgöl). Especially Archaeology Museum would be waiting for you to impress you within historical travel. [More detailed Şanlıurfa Archaeology Museum post is planning.] *Klaus Schmidt -the famous archaeologist of Göbeklitepe- Memory House is also waiting for your visit. 

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You can visit the bazaars around Balıklıgöl. Those bazaars are the same as in the syria border from Hatay to Urfa. There are some little ottoman caravanseraies (han). You can also taste Mırra coffee or Menengiç coffee in Gümrükhanı.

How to go to GOBEKLITEPE ?

The distance to the Zero Point of The History (Göbeklitepe) is 15 kms from the city centre but this time the route is to northeast. There is a minibus line travels between city center and Göbeklitepe. Two times (at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.) from the city centre and travels backs two hours later. The fee changes from 3 to 5 Turkish liras.

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Harran is famous for the houses as known as HARRAN HOUSES

because of their shapes were built as cupola.

I’d like to see the ruins of the world’s first university, Bazda Caves – old quarries- and Samas ve Sin Reliefs. By the way, Am I the only person who liken Suayip Ancient City to Stonehenge in England?

The place I didn’t get a chance to visit to Sogmatar Ancient City (in Harran) where people worshipped the Moon, planets and The Sun. Don’t you think it’s mysterious? Harran knowns as the place where civilizations birthed and civilizations met. Is the closeness of the Gobeklitepe temple’s location a coincidence?


You can visit many mosques and tombs in Urfa is also known as City of Prophets. Some of them are Mevlid-i Halil Mosque where Abrahom was birth in it, İmam Bakır Mosque and tomb, Selahaddin Eyyubi Mosque – old St.Yuhannes Church- and Hasab Padişah Mosque and the Pool of Abraham.

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*There is also another old church is Fırfırlı Mosque. As you see in the name, it is used as mosque now. With its different design and effects of the church, it’s worth to see it in the city center.

If you are travelling through the Southeastern of Turkey, you should be known you would get some kilos, you are in the most delicious tastes route. You can visit to get some information about these local tastes in the Şanlıurfa Kitchen Museum in the city center.


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Tastes in the southeastern kitchen are quite good. Meat based tastes with hot tastes are Urfa. You can also taste the local yummy taste Ciger (liver) in here. You would peel off roasted red peppers (local name is isot) and onions after you order your Ciger.

If you have enough time to spend in there, you can go to any butcher to prepare him lahmacun ( very thin turkish pizza covered with seasoned minced meat and onions) and/ or Siverek Tava (ingredients; full-fat ground meat, tomatoes, peppers, garlic, urfa pepper, salt, black pepper and oil) stuffing. After you take the stuffing, you would go to bakery to be cooked the stuffing. Additionally, you won’t pay the baking fee for it. While telling you these local dishes, I really feel like eating it. Now, I’m finishing the post to eat Lahmacun. Enjoy your meal both you and me!


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Do not forget to taste local desserts in Urfa. Şıllık, Billuriye, and Baklava (originally from Gaziantep but Üstüneller is good at in Urfa)

Note: There is another local thing is called Sıra Geceleri. I do not suggest you to join that kind of fun, because of the fee and quality balance. I do not suggest you it but it’s your choice. *I can suggest you just only Manici Otel for a good Sıra Gecesi, you can even drink alcohol there.


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