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C’mon, let’s go to Adıyaman to watch sunset and sunrise in Mt.Nemrut while sipping our wine! World’s Eighth Cultural Heritage, Mount Nemrut

C’mon, let’s go to Adıyaman to watch sunset and sunrise in Mt.Nemrut while sipping our wine!

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It’s not far away from an hour from Şanlıurfa. Mount Nemrut is so famous than the city. Mt. Nemrut has 2206 altitude. The World’s Eight Cultural Heritage was built in Mt. Nemrut in the Commagene Kingdom times by the king Antiochus I. In the to-do list in southeastern Turkey, watching sunset and sunrise while sipping wine in there has a good point. We took our Assyrian wine for this wonderful nature event.-yeah I know we were so lucky.
In this travel with one of the housemates of saricanta from Urfa to Adıyaman. The city locates in the northernwest of Urfa. It takes an hour and, first you go to Bozova and then to Adıyaman. We choose a local tourism company for our that visit to Nemrut. After a few phone calls, we transfered money to their bank account. At first, we didn’t feel good, you didn’t know anything and you transfer money, but the company was good. They called you back even a day before to check and a few times more. The location of the company where their busses would take the tour was so good for a foreigner who doesn’t know anything about the city. It also have an 24-hours open parking area.

The tour started about two p.m. and where did we go was with our impressions are here:

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The first stop fot Karakuş Tumulus. Its name measn Black Bird. Its name come from the similiarity with Black Bird and Owl. There is a remarkable point when you visit the tumulus you would see the importance of women in ancient civilizations. There are three tombs in the tumulus. These tombs are the wife, the daughter and the granddaughter of Antiochus. There is also a shaking relief in a column with the 10 meters high.


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The second stop was for Cendere Köprüsü, It is also known as Chabinas Bridge. It was built 1900 years ago while Septimus Severus was a Roman emperor from 193 to 211. It is still there like a rock. It’s more useful than the new bridge. Because of a son of Antiochus, one of the columns were pulled down.

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The third stop was Yeni Kale. It hosted 8 different kingdom throughout the histroy from Urartus to Ottomans (some of them are Commagene, Byzantines). It’s a gergeous rock castle. Because of restoration within the castle, it is still mysterious castle for me.


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The fourth stop was Arsemia. Welcome to the summer capital of Commagene Kingdom! I am sure when you visit Arsemia, you would be sad not being one of their important people. In the ancient summer capital, there is a clear relief that symoblyzes Antiochus and Hercules’s agreement. With the relief, Antiochus claims that he had an agreement wth gods. In addition, it is said that there must be second Arsemia on Euphrates, but no one knows where it is.



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Before coming to Adiyaman city, we couldn’t get so much information about stay so book a room from Adiyaman Öğretmenevi (Teacherage). Their rooms was under the average but the price was 30 liras for teachers. The location of it was so good, so we skipped comfort because the dream was to go to Mt.Nemrut, and sleep in there from sunset to sunrise. We travelled two different times to watch each sunset and sunrise. If you ask, the tour company can book a room for you.

After googling it, we couldn’t get so much useful knowledge. I met a camper put up his tent after the visitor center. It’s an option. You can also spend your time in the museum cafe, it depends on you.

There is also a hostel 11 km away from Mt.Nemrut. let’s go on talking about museum cafe where you can bring blanket. You can pay just only 20 liras and after your visit to Mt.Nemrut, if you give it back to the museum you get 15 liras back. In the visitor center, you can also eat çiğköfte, drink some tea, and find some souvenirs.

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The key question is about the weather in Mount Nemrut. It was very cold in even June. It has 2206 m altitude. I have certainly some respect for sunset but my favourite is sunrise in Mt.Nemrut. Adiyaman is a small city, that didn’t take our interest to explore the city. After watching the sunrise, we travelled back home to sleep well.

  • Visit Adıyaman Museum in here, there is a statue seems to monuments in Gobeklitepe, Urfa.
  •  Perin Ancient City, where tours do not go there. It looks like with the quarries in Dara ancient city in Mardin.

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