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Did you ever heard the famous ancient city – Dara. It’s known as the Ephesus of Mesopotamia. I experienced to be in the place where I had seen its photographs before on the web. What’s more about Dara?

KASIMIYE Madrasa, DEYRULZAFARAN Monastery, DARA Ancient City

The next day, after I had my open buffet breakfast, I went to Kasimiye Madrasa. It locates in the different parts of the main traffic street among the old Mardin. You should walk down to the medrasa direction, keep in your mind walking down is enjoyful but not the reverse is. After visiting Kasimiye Madrasa, you can walk the shortest way near the police soldier, you can prefer- I did it.



After some wars the medrasa completed in 1400s. It’s name come from the name (Kasım) of the son of an important people in Akkoyunlus. It completed in the days of Akkoyunlus in this region.


There is a fountain-pool arrangement in this historical place. It symbolizes the fertility according to the Islamic sufi philosophy. The flow of the water symbolizes from birth to death and after death of a human life. It start with birth, goes on with infacny, childhood, youth and old age and it ends with the representation of Last Judgement.


Deyrulzafaran Monastery

After seeing Kasimiye, next visit was to Dara, it has antic city ruins. One hitchhike to turnout to Nusaybin direction and started to hitchhike one another to Dara with my friend. “I think far places have a priority to see them before.” When you visit the city, do not go back without seeing Dara ruins.


Preferably, If you didn’t see Mor Gabriel Monastery, okay you can also visit the Deyrulzafaran Monastery -locates in your way to Dara.


Like Mor Gabriel, Deyrulzafaran Monastery or also Mor Hananyo  lost its important golden sources in it during the invasion of Timur.


Dara was also another visit of the day. Just after minute starting to hitchhike a car stopped, the passengers were two and they were uninformed about Dara. They had planned to visit Deyrulzafaran, but they were informed about Dara. They were so lucky as me. I got a chance to visit both Deyrulzafaran and Dara within only a hitchhike.

Dara ancient city

Dara is quite a change open air museum. Did you ever heard the fame of Dara? What’s more about Dara?

Dara is a defense region was builted against Persians in ruling of Byzantine Empire in A.D. 6. century. In another saying, It’s more than 1400 years old. It experienced many battles between Byznatines and Persians, after the broke out of the 60-years in peace.

Dara ancient city

I’d like to remember to you there is no fee to see Dara -the open-air-musem. It locates far away 7 km from Syria border and 35 km from Mardin. There is no any chance to stay a night in here, it’s an archelogical site. Still people live in the village and most of the valuable ruins left under the ground.

In here, there is a Dara Cistern -mostly known as Dara Dungeons. The month I visit the city was April, even in April I felt the moisture in it. It also can be seen in some photographs. It’s known as the Ephesus of Mesopotamia.

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In turning way, to see those water cisterns, you should walk through the village. There are not so many good signs around there. I loved it so much. I lost in the ancient city.


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. I heard something valuable that sunset is always so good in Dara. I thought that it would be awesome. While dreaming sunset in Dara, I finished the day with the second visit to Kasimiye at the end of the day.


with new friends in Dara


Alright, before going back to Mardin, would you like to taste delicious pizza in somewhere close? There is a Kafro or Pizza or Elbeğendi Village (whatever you want to call the village) – you can taste yummy Italian pizza in there. There is a story of the village; the real people lived in there, they had to migrate to Europe. Later then, those people ogranized a union, gathered money and re-moved to their village. Some of them were in Italy, and they prepare delicious pizzas.


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