The Second Day in Mardin

Saricanta says “The second day is to walk around city centre among the lovely brown old streets. Get lost and explore the madrasas, churches and many more in ‘Old Mardin’ “


I talked to my couch about his learning Turkish language in Mardin would host me a day. He was an English language teacher in a kindergarten. I didn’t want to disturb him because I got learned he would be busy the next day. I left home early –probably he was sleeping with writing a message to host me at his home. I would start my explore the mysterious old city.


I met the provincial director of national education and talked to him in the public education museum.



I started the day with a breakfast, because a good breakfast is everything. There was none as happy as me, I loved the city. I remember that I thought my possibilities to come here again. I started to walk around the city with Girls’ Vocational High School. I also saw a very well located good primary school and I envied the students who had educated in the school.



I was nearly forgot to say to you that I met an aunt in the stairs of Girls’ Vocational High School. I didn’t recognise her at first, but she remembered me, and then I did it. In my this long trip to Mardin, we had met with her before. She was with her son and daughter. Her daughter was also a teacher like me in a province of the city I live, so the aunt was friendlier than I saw her before.




Girls’ Vocational High School was so close to Zinciriye Madrasa, so my second visit was to there. The reason it’s known as Zinciriye Madrasa is Melik Necmeddin İsa was imprisoned after the battle with Timur. Then, Who is Melik Nureddin Isa? He was the last Artuqid Sultan ruling in Mardin. It’s architecture and location affected me so much. You can see Zinciriye even far away from, it can be seen from almost everywhere. The Madrasa was a very well decorated madrasa with its stellar vault, corridor and mihrab. All of them was decorated with inlaid designs. It’s mimbar is made of cut stone.

I saw a way to the Mardin Castle direction, I walked a minute and then I saw a child and I asked to him if there is something worth to see or not. After his answer, I walked back to madrasa, because I should do my visits not to be sorry later.




The moment I started to grumble about going on my trip alone – something happened. I was ticking where I went the places in my city map using a parked car’s deck lid in front of the madrasa to trip better- without being regretful after the trip.



I met a group of friends who came to Mardin as a daily trip. The group was consisted of four people. Like a bit as a guide, I walked among the old streets, but that was my first visit to the beautiful city. I also drank a cup of Menengiç coffee in a coffee in a short break and continued within the direction to Sabancı Museum. I also feed a cat who was thirsty.




Next visit after the museum was Latifiye Mosque and Mardin Protest Church. I also the beautiful girl came and joined in my photo with her lovely smile.




While talking to my new friends, I got learnt that they all are from Diyarbakır – I didn’t go there yet, so I asked lots of questions-. It is also in my go-to-list. Next visit was Kırklar (Mor Behnam and His Sister Saro) Church. The church was also open to worship. The church was also very impressive in architectural.


How can I forget you children 🙂
I also get a kiss from far away 🙂



After leaving from those friends with a daily tour in Mardin, I met another friend who recognised me with my yellow-backbag (saricanta) and got off the bus to say hi to me. She asked me if she had to see me in everywhere. We drank a cup of tea in a good place to see mesopotamia. Then, I went to a friend’s resaturant Cheff Dimr-Et  -whose chef is my friend, Dimret-. I got a chance both to meet to him and taste his yummy tastes. I decided to stay one more day in Mardin because I would visit to Dara Antic City tomorrow.

Short Guide for Mardin

 A short guidefor Mardin – you’ll fall in love with the old brown city

  1. Find a way to see Hasankeyf -the place will be under the water soon. You will be so happy with the suggestion.
  2. Visit Mor Gabriel Monastery, it’s better and more historic figure in the city. It also has almost the same history.
  3.  There is a village- called Kafro/ Elbeğendi/ Pizza Village -close to Mor Gabriel Monastery, go and eat Italian pizza in there.
  4. Stay a night in Mardin old houses, walk among the old streets in Mardin. In day light, to explore the city is a good idea. At night, enjoy your time in the ancient soul.
  5. Buy a bottle of Assyrian Wine, but not from any wine sellers in Mardin! Because I experienced and heard from some people who you could taste a different wine, you would buy a different wine, be careful!  I can suggest you ‘Babil Suryani Sarapevi’ . In addition, do not forget to say ‘hi’ from saricanta.
  6. Keep your tasty Assyrian Wine for Nemrut! Go to Adıyaman, and drink your wine in sunrise in Nemrut Mountain.




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