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A decision just after opening eyes still lying on the bed to have a brekfast with tasting Italian pizza in Mardin

The decision just after opening eyes still lying on the bed to have a brekfast with tasting Italian pizza sent me to Kafro village.

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Think about a village with local Midyat houses like villas in Midyat, Mardin, Turkey. It is located in the road from Midyat to Beyazsu. This signboard of the village can be seen in the direction coming from Midyat.

Do you know that you can eat Italian pizza in the southeastern Turkey. While you are travelling in the streets of Midyat, Mardin, Turkey. I know you are excited to taste the delicious taste.

I woke up at 11 a.m. and started to hitchhike from Urfa to Kafro Village. It was 250 kms far away. I changed 4 vehicles to reach there.

first step

This the start point where my travels started. I was lucky in hitchhiking. I experienced my best experience of all time, it was a tractor travelling in hot weather it was quite cool.

I would like to buy a tractor to go to work everyday. It can be a good solution in hot weathers. The temperature is still hot in September. Temperature in the last days of September is around 30’C .

I used the Nusaybin direction route to reach Kafro villlage. Nusaybin is located in the border to Syria. While you are travelling you can see the mine field between the Syria border. For example, the water tank is Syria, but there is no any safety problems, it feels you strange, that’s all.

syrian border

I travelled from Viranşehir to Pizza Village with a single hitchhike. I was also invited for a Midyat wedding by the owner of the car who pick me up to the villlage. Because of my plans were different I had to refuse the offer kindly.

forbidden to take photo without permission

I thought I could be late for tasting the delicious Pizza, but when I was in Kafro, time was just 2 p.m. – it was a really good timing for eating it. In the signboard of the photo is a warning to remember people “not to bother them taking photos without asking their permission”. This is also another point of my taking photos ethic. You can’t know people’s want to be taken photograph – it’s so rude.



New Pizza, Di Me Lanzane !


kafro's Pizzeria


I really had some difficulties in writing this post because it’s more difficiult than I expected. I guess I will go to eat the delicious taste soon.

Here there is a price information for you.

Pizza Fiorentina has catsup, cheese, cherry tomato and garlic. (20 TL)

Pizza Tre Gusti has catsup, cheese, cherry tomato, garlic, spinach, roasted fresh corn, and sauced chicken. (29 TL)

Pizza Dia Mia has catsup, cheese, cherry tomato, sauced chicken, roasted red and green pepper, sliced mushroom and garlic. (29 TL)

Pizza Di Malenzane has catsup, roasted aubergine and zucchini, sauced chicken, cherry tomato and garlic. (29 TL)

It’s worth to taste our buttermilk, Bon appetite !


After tasting the Italian pizza, saricanta started to hitchhike again to see Beyazsu. It’s just 7-8 kms far away from Kafro Village. The driver in the car picked me up invited me to their village to drink a glass of wine. Then, gave me a number of the owner who has a wine merchant in the county town, Midyat. If you know someone who knows any artisan in anywhere it opens some doors maybe some discounts and warm reception.

By the way, Beyazsu seems a bit a waterfall in Harbiye, Hatay, Turkey.

I didn’t record the short video for this post but I wanted you to feel the coolness of Beyazsu 🙂

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