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To see the awesome endangered ancient city hosted Christians and Muslim made me very upset. A dam would sink the mysterious city. None still knows when was built and who did the ancient city.

Saricanta did its first trip within the drawen the route even it’s a late start. Within the route to its first hitchhike just started from Şanlıurfa(in Turkey) to Viranşehir(a city in Şanlıurfa) with the local two farmers- Salih and Abbas.


That was the first trip to the easter than Urfa. I can’t say that I didnt hesitate to this route, but I met the warm hospitality of the local people of the region.I started to talk to them. I took the photo with them. Maybe it was the first step of the trip would be good. In the first hitchhike adventure, I just met the cliche to pick me up to the coach station of the region. After a few insists on taking me to coach station, they accepted to help me. They drove me to the best place to go on hitchhiking.



After I walked a few minutes, I met the signboard of ‘Mardin’. I got excited so much the moment I see the signboard. That was my first signboard and I was on the way to the place I wondered a lot about the city.

I had studied well enough to see each sights of Mardin. I should accept that I was disappointed a bit by hitchhiking, but another civil servant picked me up from Viranşehir(province in Şanlıurfa) to Kızıltepe(province in Mardin). My excitement was growing faster to expedition of Mardin. Even seeing each signboards to Mardin was another good happiness for me.


Due to the region, there was another place to see it before it would stay under the waters. It was Hasankeyf,Batman. *Hasankeyf is waiting for a dam in Dicle Nehri (Tigris River), after the completed dam, *”Hisn” means “fortress” in Arabic, so Hasankeyf means “fortress rock”. 10.000 years-old cultural heritage would be under the river. I decided not to push my luck to see Hasankeyf. I planned to go to Midyat,Mardin and rest in there.

And then, next day I would walk among the old streets of Midyat. Sudennly something happened, in my third hitchhike of the day in Kızıltepe, someone picked me up to Hasankeyf. The driver of the car was Alp. He was planning to go to Batman via Hasankeyf. I joined to his trip until Hasankeyf. During the journey, we talked lots of things. Maybe, I was in a lucky day. I guess I wanted to go to see Hasankeyf. As an advantage I had enough time to reschedule my plan.

Some events happen and you just see and are surprised. I had to meet to Alp on the road. Not just only Hasankeyf but also Mardin was on the way to Hasankeyf. We stopped to drink a glass of tea in Mardin with the awesome view of Mesopotamia and I was bewtiched by Mardin. I didnt understand why I was bewitched because I had studied about city before the trip. It was something magneficient from the photos. After drinking a glass of tea, I left my mind with the marvellous city and started to travel again.

To meet the scene I saw in movies was a joy.



In the name of ‘Hasankeyf’, Hasan is an alastair in and ‘keyf’ means ‘joy’ in Turkish language. The local people would be affected the dam calls Hasankeyf with the as Hasankeyifsiz-it means Hasan has no longer happy. I really affected by what I see in Hasankeyf. I am sure that everyone will be so sad about the photograph I took. Dicle Nehri (The Tigris River) was filled with rocks and soil wihtin a week. I say that Nature take revenge. With the both the craftsmen in the region and also the sight day and night it’s a real cultural heritage. I am lucky to see it, before it would disappear from the earth. This photograph is another side of this beautiful city, there are some caves in the mountain.



Keep in your mind that travelers or visiters can sleep in these caves in Hasankeyf, if they wish.

Sun went down in Hasankeyf, I was suppose to drink a glass of tea and then travel


back to Midyat but it didn’t happen like as I planned. The cafe’s name was “Yol Geçen Hanı” – it means a place where passengers frequently stop by – . I met the owner of the cafe. His name was Bulent. Within the talking to him he insisted on driving me back to Midyat. He had another customer would travel back to the same place. Like the other customer Bulent was also a fan of Beşiktaş FC. He suggested to watch a football match at night and then drive back to Midyat. I accepted the suggestion.

While I woke up late in the morning and I thought sleep more, and not start the trip to Mardin, at night, I found myself in a situationI was in a local coffee house with the local people of Hasankeyf. Once, I was also a huge fan of a good Turkish football team. I remembered my old days while watching the derby match. One of these people in the local coffee house said ‘luckily you are here, you changed the enviroment in here’ . I wasn’t supposed to hear it, but I felt so strange. The whole day was so strange. I couldn’t get rid of the strange feeling even after the match. At the end of the day, I was talking to myself as Yeah, I am hopefully in here.


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