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In memory of the Göbeklitepe excavator the famous archeologist Klaus Schmidt, his wife opened their house as exhibition in the hometown of Göbeklitepe, Şanlıurfa, Turkey.

20180924_172535Sometimes -maybe not sometimes always- I always angry about the city where I work in, but there is only a good positive way that Göbeklitepe is the zero point of the histroy. Unfortunately I could a get a chance to see the mysterious temple area in the second year in Şanlıurfa. I always so eager to know better about Göbeklitepe and I always searched,read, watched about it.


Don’t you know anything about Göbeklitepe – the oldest temple on earth? Please read my post. It’s so easy, just click here. 

IMG-20180926-WA0017I heard the wife of Klaus Schmidt has opened their home as open museum in Şanlıurfa where they excavated Göbeklitepe and met there. I made a contact to her via her facebook page and I went to visit her in her Klaus Schmidt Memory House (Klaus Schmidt Anı Evi in Turkish) .

IMG-20180926-WA0040.jpgYou can listen to the story of their works on Göbeklitepe from 1995 to 2014. You can also listened to their met and any other issues. She would be in there for everyday except Tuesday, until 6 p.m. Ofcourse if you contact to her before visiting her in her house would be better.

I took lots of photos and talked to her, she is lovely archeologist and waiting for you in Nebi Street, Klaus Schmidt Anı Evi, in Şanlıurfa, Turkey.

anı evisaricanta

Where is “Klaus Schmidt Anı Evi” ?

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