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Did you visit “Klaus Schmidt House in Urfa” ?

Sometimes -maybe not sometimes always- I always angry about the city where I work in, but there is only a good positive way that G├Âbeklitepe is the zero point of...

Sanliurfa Archaeology and Mosaic Museum

Saricanta visited the SANLIURFA ARCHAEOLOGY AND MOSAIC MUSEUM just for you.

Sanliurfa |En

The important transit on the histroical Silk Road, and the most mysterious discovery of last century, with the ‘T’ shaped huge stones and the zero point of the history, the oldest temple on Earth, G├Âbeklitepe, ┼×anl─▒urfa, Turkey.

Klaus Schmidt Memory House in ┼×anl─▒urfa, Turkey |En

In memory of the G├Âbeklitepe excavator the famous archeologist Klaus Schmidt, his wife opened their house as exhibition in the hometown of G├Âbeklitepe, ┼×anl─▒urfa, Turkey.

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