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Sanliurfa Archaeology and Mosaic Museum

Saricanta visited the SANLIURFA ARCHAEOLOGY AND MOSAIC MUSEUM just for you.

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Sanliurfa |En

The Pool of Abraham, is believed Abraham was thrown into the fire by Nimrod and the flame turned to water and burning logs into fish. Nevali Çori (under the water after the Ataturk Dam in 2002) is known as the valley of the plague,

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Kafro’s Pizzeria in Midyat, Mardin, Turkey |En

The decision just after opening eyes still lying on the bed to have a brekfast with tasting Italian pizza sent me to Kafro village.

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Klaus Schmidt Memory House in Şanlıurfa, Turkey |En

20180924_172535Sometimes -maybe not sometimes always- I always angry about the city where I work in, but there is only a good positive way that Göbeklitepe is the zero point of the histroy. Unfortunately I could a get a chance to see the mysterious temple area in the second year in Şanlıurfa. I always so eager to know better about Göbeklitepe and I always searched,read, watched about it.

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The Zero Point of History – Göbeklitepe |En

“It has been considered a potential site for the Garden of Eden.” DM UK
“Gobekli Tepe is too extraordinary for my mind to understand.” prof. Steve Mithen, Reading University


The story of Saricanta |En

saricanta means me flexibility and passion to travel


Mount Nemrut in Adiyaman |En

C’mon, let’s go to Adıyaman to watch sunset and sunrise in Mt.Nemrut while sipping our wine!


The Third Day in Mardin |En

KASIMIYE Madrasa, DEYRULZAFARAN Monastery, DARA Ancient City

The next day, after I had my open buffet breakfast, I went to Kasimiye Madrasa. It locates in the different parts of the main traffic street among the old Mardin. You should walk down to the medrasa direction, keep in your mind walking down is enjoyful but not the reverse is. After visiting Kasimiye Madrasa, you can walk the shortest way near the police soldier, you can prefer- I did it.


The Second Day in Mardin


I talked to my couch about his learning Turkish language in Mardin would host me a day. He was an English language teacher in a kindergarten. I didn’t want to disturb him because I got learned he would be busy the next day. I left home early –probably he was sleeping with writing a message to host me at his home. I would start my explore the mysterious old city.


The First Day in Mardin |En

Girls Vocational High School

Mardin was in my bucket list, I always wanted to see the fabulous city. The fabulous city is quite modern and it’s quite safe. It’s just 18 kms far away from Mardin Airport.

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