saricanta in Cappadocia

The land of beautiful horses – Cappadocia

Where did saricanta stay ?

Avanos. I chose to silence for Cappdocia, I stayed in Avanos. I stayed in Kirkit Voyage. And, I am very satisfied iwth the hotel. I liked the warm environment in there. It is very advisable otel .



Oh,okay.. First I started waking in the streets of Avanos. Avanos is a small town and district of Nevşehir. Avanos is a kind of souvenir centre of Cappadocia region. It is famous for terracotta and making ceramics.

I started my visit Cappadocia with this good saying about life in Turkish language.

Life is like a fairy tale,
Not how long,
Important how good you live.




Avanos merkezi gezip üstüne de çömlek atölyesi ziyareti yaptıktan sonra. Before visiting a pottery in Avanos, I spent time on the streets of Avanos. Then, I went to Red Valley for the beautiful sunset. I really enjoyed there with the homemade wine of Cappadocia region.


The next morning I had my breakfast in this rock room of the hotel. My first visit of the second day was for ..


The Turkish word “Derin kuyu” means Deep Well in English language.

There are some briefings in the entrance of Derinkuyu Underground City. Be sure that you read them before getting into.

RED and BLUE sings will guide you in there.


It is not possible to see every part of this underground city. I had read a news bout some underground tunnels from Scotland to Turkey. While I am getting into there, I suddenly remembered the news. It’s so mysterious.

The capacity of this underground city is 30.000 people. The main reason to have them is safety. It is believed that those underground cities were shelters for people live in here.

In the 2nd century, the Christians -came from Jerussalem via Antakya and Kayseri – settle in Cappadocia.

The organized life in this underground city is surprising. Their waste and ventilation is a well-prepared system. It is believed the numbers of those underground cities are more than one thousand.






There are sitting rooms, provision rooms, wineries, churches and many more in Derinkuyu.

The next place after Derinkuyu Underground Ciry was ;


One of the most quite places of Cappadocia. It’s old name is Sinasos. I really liked walking on the streets of the village. Like you were always part of this village.

In addition, the boutique hotel which was used as a mansion in Turkish TV series – Asmalı Konak is in this village. The number of people was remarkably rare while walking on the street of Mustafapaşa.

Aigos Kostantin- Eleni Churh. This church is open to worship.


aios konstantinos eleni


ı took a break just before I saw Uçhisar Castle in sight. Where I was stopped is famous for evil eye bead adn pots. It was Pigeon Valley. I fed those pigeons and I continued to the direction Uçhisar Castle.



did not finished yet …

Like “to be continued … ” I liked writing ‘to be continued …’ . There will be second part of Cappadocia post.

Saricanta in Cappadocia (Part 2) is on the road.

Your comments will make me so happy.


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