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The First Day in Mardin |En

Girls Vocational High School

Mardin was in my bucket list, I always wanted to see the fabulous city. The fabulous city is quite modern and it’s quite safe. It’s just 18 kms far away from Mardin Airport.

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“Gerçekten çok güzel bir duyguydu. Bu birkaç günlük bu gezide saat kavramını ortadan kaldırmış olmak beni çok mutlu etti. Aklımda hala eski Mardin, çantamı alıp Midyat sokaklarında kaybolmaya başladım.”  //

“It was very good feeling to have enough time that gives you a flexibility on your plans. I started to explore in the streets of Midyat, while my mind was in Mardin.”


Endangered ancient city – Hasankeyf |En

To see the awesome endangered ancient city hosted Christians and Muslim made me very upset. A dam would sink the mysterious city. None still knows when was built and who did the ancient city.

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