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Girls Vocational High School

Mardin was in my bucket list, I always wanted to see the fabulous city. The fabulous city is quite modern and it’s quite safe. It’s just 18 kms far away from Mardin Airport.



I know my first travel to Mardin was late, but I don’t know the reason why I was so late. The reason why I didn’t go to Mardin even it is in my bucket list is that I didn’t want to tick for Mardin in my list. It’s my typical habit that I use it for books. My reading book pace slows when I reach last pages. Even I wonder to read the final, I postpone to read it. The feeling when I finished reading the book is like losing it.

The feeling when I came back to home was the same thing like in the book thing. I felt as if I share even a photo in social media, I would lose all the places I went, all the people I met and all memories I experienced. Then, I realised that all I want was to write them.


My lonely travel suddenly turned into a-four-people travel-hitchiking. While we were waiting in the road to Mardin for a car, a car stopped to pick up us. The driver of the car eas going to the airport to meet his guests would ask for the girl’s hand for their son to his niece. There was a beautiful village nature between Midyat and Mardin. The moment we get off the car I saw the popular city name logo in a park. It was telling us we were in the city centre. Even We didn’t talk much about what we are going to do, we managed to decide to take a minibus to old Mardin.


The place where I get off was ‘Cumhuriyet Meydanı –means Republic Square. After deciding what were going to do next, they said they would wait and join to the cortege of the festival. I had learned ‘the kite festival’ from them. I took their phone numbers and I left to be lost in those streets -were calling me- of Mardin. I was lucky because everything was like in the plan, I could visit each places I would like to see and time was just 2 p.m. I had studied about Mardin before starting the travel and I should see the places in my bucket list.

Something happened the way goes to Zinciriye Madrasah was a bit steep than I expexted, so I changed my mind and I started to walk around downhill. The weather was clear and hot. I saw lot of tourist groups their age groups were different and came from the places like Konya, Ispart and several cities. As in example, I learned. When I felt I was tired, I gifted me a coffe time in front of the view of Mesopotamia. The place I drank a Turkish coffee had an original view to this sweet moment.



As soon as I drank my coffee, I went on walking around but that was so short. In five minutes, I stopped in another cafe to drink a glass of tea. This time I drank a glass of tea among the history smelling streets, in the view of Mesopotamia in Mardin. In my plan, I would go to Sabancı Museum before it would be closed, but there was a problem. I found me in the cortege of the festival. I should pass into that direction but I couldn’t get the permission from a friend whom I met in that moment was in the cortege. He asked me to join their group in the cortege saying “what would you do? c’mon join us.” Maybe that moment was an important step for another part of my Mardin adventure.


Nearly five hours from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. , I had fun with my new friends, I danced the halay, reyhani- a local dance in here- and flied sky lantern. I helped others to fly sky lantern and tried not to burn and also I saved some lifes because of sky lanterns. I enjoyed with my hitchhiking team(ömer,özcan,serhat) as leaving our backpacks in the center of halay or other dancing things and all funny activities. Whom I met in my first Mardin day are from different jobs such as, doctors, teachers, engineers, nurses, representatives, university students, some voluntaries in refugee camps and the second-class student- Nurettin who was my dance partner for a short time.


After our dance with Nurettin, I couldn’t get a chance to talk thirty minutes and then he found me and I talked to him. I get the promise from him not to give up dancing and English then he went to his home.

At the end of the day I had a big friendahip enviroment in Mardin. I left the old Mardin to stay with a friend on Couchsurfing within an unfinished nice talking to a friend who gifted me a small notebook to write my best memories.


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