SarIcanta ­čîŹ TraveL LIve Better ­čîŹ Gez Daha ├çok ─░yi Ya┼ča

The Zero Point of History – G├Âbeklitepe |En

“It has been considered a potential site for the Garden of Eden.” DM UK
“Gobekli Tepe is too extraordinary for my mind to understand.”┬áprof. Steve Mithen,┬áReading University┬á

Mount Nemrut in Adiyaman |En

C’mon, let’s go to Ad─▒yaman to watch sunset and sunrise in Mt.Nemrut while sipping our wine! World’s Eighth Cultural Heritage, Mount Nemrut



Bilimkurgu severlere yeni bir Netflix dizisi geldi! ┼×ubat ay─▒ ba┼č─▒nda bu platforma birinci sezonu eklenmi┼č olan dizinin fragman─▒n─▒ izlemi┼č ve merak etmi┼čtim. Kendi ad─▒ma fragman─▒n─▒ izledi─čimden beri ├ž─▒kmas─▒n─▒ bekledi─čim dizi.


saricanta in Cappadocia

The land of beautiful horses – Cappadocia Where did saricanta stay ?

Did you visit “Klaus Schmidt House in Urfa” ?

Sometimes -maybe not sometimes always- I always angry about the city where I work in, but there is only a good positive way that G├Âbeklitepe is the zero point of...

The story of Saricanta |En

saricanta means me flexibility and passion to travel

The Third Day in Mardin |En

Did you ever heard the famous ancient city – Dara. It’s known as the Ephesus of Mesopotamia. I experienced to be in the place where I had seen its photographs before on the web. What’s more about Dara?

The Second Day in Mardin

Saricanta says “The second day is to walk around city centre among the lovely brown old streets. Get lost and explore the madrasas, churches and many more in ‘Old Mardin’ “


The First Day in Mardin |En

I saw I had thought very wrong about Mardin. I met Mardin the wonderland city. Here there is Day 1 in Mardin


This time I changed my motto as ÔÇśBeing early on the way is goodÔÇÖ ,and I started to walk around among the Midyat streets.

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